The Belgian Yamaha Custom Clubs

The “Yamaha Custom Club Belgium (YCCB) is a member of the International Yamaha Custom Group (YCG) that bonds clubs in Europe, Scandinavia and Central America. The YCCB logo represents 3 Belgian clubs preferring the Yamaha custom motorcycles. We act as one voice in contact with Yamaha Belgium/d’Ieteren, other national and international partners. Feel free to log in to the forum that we use as common ground. (Restricted acces without login) or contact the YCCB representatives by mail.

Starting on friday, may 16th > sunday 18th 2014

@ " Het Monnikenhof van Vlierbeek

Kasteellaan 5
3450 Geetbets (Vlaams-Brabant)

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Belgian Dutch Virago Star Club (BDVSC)

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Members in Belgium & Holland





History : The International Yamaha Custom Group, born from various national clubs cherishing mutual friendship, was officially founded by the Scandinavian & Western European Yamaha custom clubs during the summer of 2008 at the annual international gathering, that year in Finland. The name was presented during a closed meeting by a joint consensus of the Virago Star Club Nederland (VSCN) & the Belgian Dutch Virago Star Club (BDVSC) and unanimously accepted as the covering name by all the other representatives. Our mutual goal is set “to speak as one voice” towards Yamaha Europe, Yamaha International & other international partners. Representatives of the YCG community gather on a regular basis in altering countries to speak out as consumers & fans of the Yamaha custom motorcycle. The YCG structure is neutral, bonded by friendship & the Yamaha custom bike. The BDVSC as YCC Belgium is a founding member of the Yamaha Custom Group.

November 9th 2008, at a closed meeting in Antwerp, the YCCB nomination was expanded to 3 Belgian Clubs : YCG cofounder - Belgian Dutch Virago Star Club, the Del Mundo Choppers & The Starbikers. These (now all) YCC Belgium clubs speak as one voice towards the international YCG (Yamaha Custom Group) community and Yamaha Belgium. All communication is read by chosen representatives of these clubs. McHot@ (BDVSC) acts as international responder, Manu@ (Del Mundo Choppers) acts as responder towards Yamaha Belgium. Secretary of the YCCB structure is Lucske@ (MVC Starbikers). Other representatives are Aiko (Del Mundo Choppers), Gooz@ (MVC Starbikers) & Luckyluc@ (BDVSC). The online hosting is managed by Nero@. The YCCB representatives gather to discuss mutual interests, obliged to act as spokesmen (- woman) of their clubs/organizations. Thus we speak for many Belgian Yamaha Custom riders. Note that one YCCB club (BDVSC) has a bi-national structure and respectfully limits it’s international representation to one country, in close contact with our mutual friends of the Dutch YCG club (VSCN). Each YCCB club remains fully autonomous in respect of the “regulation of internal order” (RIO). Feel free to contact any or all the various YCCB clubs. We often ride together & organize mutual events and/or visit events in Belgium & abroad. Outside Belgium, we ride under the YCCB logo. This logo is nationally protected by the BDVSC & internationally protected by YCC Denmark.

Other Yamaha Custom Clubs, active in Belgium? Feel free to contact us when/if interested to be represented, eventually join the Yamaha Custom Group. National membership by introduction of a YCCB club. International membership by introduction of the YCCB representative during the yearly YCG gathering. We ride in mutual respect as a neutral conglomerate of organizations, clubs & structures bonded by friendship & the Yamaha custom bike. Ride out !